Monday, December 7, 2009

Arm & Hammer Kid's Spinbrush

I recently received the Arm & Hammer Kids Spinbrush in the mail. I was requested to review this toothbrush. Angry Toddler has 3-4 toothbrushes in the cabinet all ready. He's quite a collector of toothbrushes, but he doesn't have any like the Spinbrush.

I opened the package and surprised Angry Toddler with the Skateboard version. He was very very excited. I mean so excited, that he kind of shrieked, grabbed it, and ran to the bathroom. Angry Toddler is obsessed with brushing his teeth and the dentist right now. Every time that we drive by the dentist's office, he asks me to make an appointment. Who is this kid? Is he mine?

He promptly played with the skateboard on the bathroom counter, while I got out the toothpaste. He then began to brush his teeth, for several minutes. After he was done, he washed the Spinbrush off, and placed it in the cabinet.

The Arm & Hammer Kid's Spinbrush is available in the following themes: Butterfly, Dolphin, Ice Cream Cone, Mermaid, Skateboard, Astronaut, Soccerball, Fire Truck, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Pikachu.

Some Facts:
*Kids brush 30% longer with Spinbrush than with a manual brush.
*Perfect for kids ages 3-11.
*Great handle design makes brushing fun.
*Smaller brush head.
*Promotes healthy brushing, reduces plaque and massages gums.
*Includes 2 replaceable AAA batteries.
*MSRP $5.29-$6.29.
*All Spinbrush® products are available nationally at most food and drug chains and mass merchants. You may want to try some of the larger stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, K-Mart, or Rite Aid.

This would be the perfect stocking stuffer for your child during this Holiday Season!

Disclosure: This Arm & Hammer Spinbrush with the Skateboard theme, and another Butterfly Spinbrush were provided to me for review. I was not compensated other than receiving these products.


  1. I love how your shower curtain matches your blog. Might have to try this one out for my little guys. :)

  2. Awesome! I think I'll get one for my niece. She hates brushing her teeth & it's always a hassle. She'd probably like a mermaid or butterfly one. What? No princess?? LOL


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