Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grow with Me and etnies

Photo taken by Angry Julie At The Maloof Money Cup, July 2009

Do you know that skaters make an impact of 17 times their body weight when they hit the ground? That's a little over three times the impact that running makes on your body. I learned this when I visited etnies and Sole Technology Institute (STI) on Tuesday. STI is the World's first and only skateboarding-focused biomechanics research organization that tests and invents new technologies in order to develop the highest performing action sports footwear in the World.

One of my the life lessons my mom taught me is to never buy cheap shoes, cause you will regret it later. Angry Toddler has always worn good quality shoes in his four and a half years on this planet. We've had several pairs of skateboard shoes. I will say several, because it's more than ten. Yes, more than TEN. Angry Toddler has the most random growth spurts. His feet can grow several inches with a 2-3 month time span. He went from a size 10 in early Spring to almost a 12.5 right now. We tend to buy shoes ahead, because we can never guess when these growth spurts will occur. Seriously, sometimes it's happened overnight.
While at etnies, we learned about their "Grow With Me" Fit System. The "Grow With Me" system is for the new walker, with sizes up to a Toddler 10. The “Grow with Me” fit system will be incorporated into two toddler models: the Toddler Callicut and Toddler Fader of etnies Kids footwear.

The first part of the system addresses getting the proper fit; the shoes are constructed on an extra wide last to accommodate the unique shape of children’s feet as they are learning to walk. They feature a molded EVA footbed that helps fill the heel cup and grab and hold tiny heels inside the shoe. All of this is set on top of a super pliable TPR outsole that allows the flexibility needed for children’s feet as they are learning to take their first steps.

As the child’s foot grows and the shoe becomes snugger, consumers can then take advantage of the etnies “Grow with Me” fit system. “Grow with Me” differentiates the etnies Kids toddler collection from other children’s shoes in the length of time the shoe can be worn. The shoes now include an additional 1.5mm EVA insert that can be removed when the shoe becomes too snug on the child’s foot, creating more room and increasing the time a child can wear the shoes. While regular children’s shoes must be thrown out once they’re outgrown, “Grow with Me” can be adjusted to extend the life of the shoe, allowing kids to sport their favorite looks even longer, and reducing the financial strain that parents face when raising a growing child.

We listened to Sole Technology's Assistant Lab Manager, Scotty Cox, tell us about the testing that went into their shoes, with special interest to children, and their unique growth patterns. It was amazing how much thought, effort, and testing that they put into their products. And of course, they look pretty cool too.

I wish that we would have known about the "Grow With Me" line last year. It would have helped us with Angry Toddler's random growth spurts. Scotty was asked by one of the attendees, why this line only goes up to a size 10. He said that when you are between 4-5 years old, your feet start growing into their "adult size". Children's feet are changing shape after size 10. As a toddler, children's feet a usually round and wide. They start slimming down and get somewhat narrower after this age. This makes complete sense to me. A year ago, we could only buy Angry Toddler shoes in a size wide. This is the main reason that we started buying skateboard shoes, they are made wider. Angry Toddler loves his skateboard shoes, and all things skateboarding.

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Disclosure: I was invited to an event at etnies and Sole Technology's Headquarters. They are local and in Orange County, CA. I received an awesome reception from their employees, and founder. We ate some great food, and were provided with a gift card and the opportunity to shop in their employee store. I have a slight obsession with skateboarding, you need to read my blog, to understand that. The first photograph was taken by me, at an event this summer, The Maloof Money Cup. I was not influenced by any of this and I hope that my review reads true to my personality and the usual Angry Julie, you expect.


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