Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Review

<span class=I was recently asked to do a review for a new product, Vaseline Sheer Infusion. We are all always anxious to try out new lotion in the Angry Household. My husband has issues with having very dry hands. I also have issues with dryness, because I wear gloves while working, and wash my hands several times a day.

<span class=What is Vaseline Sheer Infusion, and how does it work?

The stratum corneum is our protective surface skin barrier and is made up of multiple layers – the top, the core and deep down. For years, the lotion industry has been challenged with developing a moisturizer that is effective at delivering more moisture to each layer of the skin, while also delivering a great sensory benefit. After extensive research, the R&D team at Unilever has discovered a breakthrough in moisturizing technology that enables a lotion to deliver moisture to all layers of the stratum corneum (surface skin). Introducing new Vaseline® Sheer Infusion™ with Stratys-3™, the most powerful, patented moisturizing complex on the market** (launching late September 2009), that combines three ingredients that infuse and suspend moisture across the multiple layers of skin.* The result is unprecedented hydration** leading to better, more healthy moisturized skin and an unmatched silky skin feel. Clinical studies show that more hydration leads to improved skin softness, smoothness and quicker elimination of dry skin. Vaseline Sheer Infusion delivers two times more moisture than leading body lotions and is the only lotion that can infuse and suspend superior moisture** into each layer of the stratum corneum (surface skin) – the top, the core and deep down. The skin’s cells are at different stages as they move up through each of these layers. To perform optimally, skin cells need moisture at each layer for a distinct reason (see below chart). The revolutionary patented technology of Stratys-3 enables Vaseline Sheer Infusion to deliver moisture to all these layers by combining three powerful ingredients - Glycerol Quat (GQ), glycerin, and Hydroxy Ethyl Urea (HEU) – each designed to work at a specific layer of skin.

I received three bottles of Vaseline Sheer Infusion, in the different varieties: Botanical Blend, Vitamin Burst, and Mineral Renewal. I kept them on my kitchen counter for a few days. I tried them along with my parents, and Angry Husband.

I used the lotion after washing my hands, or when I noticed that they were very dry. My mom said that she liked the lotion and that it had a nice smell to it. Angry Husband and I both liked the lotion. We use Vaseline lotion in our home as a staple. We have a huge container in our Master Bathroom. We noticed at first that it appeared to be a bit oily/silky on our skin, but after a few minutes it soaked in and was perfect. I also noticed that it lasted a lot longer than our traditional lotions that we've used. Angry Husband's favorite formula was the "vitamin burst", but he said that it smelled a bit girly. He didn't mind too much because it worked. I found that the smells to the products were pretty neutral to me. I didn't chose one over the other.

Would I buy this lotion?

Yes, I would definitely buy this lotion. I have tried several brands and types of lotion for my household. My husband needs more than a "basic" lotion for his hands. He has issues with cracking and peeling. He noted that this lotion kept his hands soft, after using it for a few days.

All Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3 lotions can be used daily and will be available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide beginning late September 2009 in both a 6.8 oz bottle and 13.5 oz pump size. Log on to for more information.

You can print out a $1.50 off coupon also.

Disclosure: I was sent (3) bottles of this product for a review. I received no compensation other than the product to try out.


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